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Swype is a popular keyboard app for Android which lets you enter text by dragging your finger from one key to the next instead of lifting your finger or thumb to tap on each key individually. It relies on predictive text technology to guess what word you were trying to enter, and overall Swype does a pretty good job.

For the most part if your phone doesn’t come preloaded with Swype, you may not be able to use the keyboard though. That’s because the company’s business model relies on partnering with companies such as Samsung to preinstall the software and integrate it with the overall user experience. Every now and then Swype also makes private beta versions of the app available though, so plenty of users have downloaded and installed versions of Swype on their own Android phones… and now it looks like jailbroken iOS devices are next on the list.

Independent developer Andrew Liu has ported the Swype keyboard to work on jailbroken iOS devices. Not everything works yet: the keyboard doesn’t show up in most applications and there’s no blue line to show where you’ve traced your finger. This app will also likely never be officially supported by the folks at Swype. But if you’re willing to try out a buggy early version, it’s available for download now.

If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad you can install Swype by adding Liu’s repository to the Cydia Store on your device.

You can check out my hands-on video after the break. If you’re looking for instructions on jailbreaking your device, we’ve got those too.

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