The CW

The CW has released a new app for iOS which lets you stream full-length episodes of TV shows including 90210, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, and the Vampire Diaries.

You won’t find complete seasons here, just the last few episodes of each show. There are also clips and photos available — but honestly, the photos section seems more like a bug than a feature. Basically you get to look at thumbnail icons of logos for each TV show, or the word “new.”

The app also features TV listings letting you know what programs are coming up on the CW network. Since it only covers primetime broadcasts, there’s not really much to see.

Still, if you’ve been dying to catch up on recent episodes of Nikita on your iPhone, now you can. The video quality is decent, but each show is broken up into six segments. I suspect eventually the CW will throw ads between the segments, but for now you just have to wait a moment for the next bit to load before you continue watching.

The CW Full Episodes app is available as a free download from the App Store.

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