Total Commander

Total Commander is a powerful file manager with a dual-pane view that makes moving files and folders from one directory to another extraordinarily easy. The app has been available for Windows for ages, and the developer also offers a version for Windows Mobile. Both apps are available as completely free downloads.

Now Total Commander for Google Android is also in the works. Developer Christian Ghisler recently released a new public beta of the app. It’s not available from the Android Market yet, but you can grab it from the Total Commander forums.

The file manager works on Android phones or tablets. The default view displays side-by-side panels in landscape and a single panel in portrait mode. But you can change the settings to always show two panels or always display just one.

You can use Total Commander to rename, copy, cut, paste, delete, or view properties for a file. You can also sort files, search for files, zip or unzip files, or use the app manager to access the Android app menu and stop or uninstall applications.

Total Commander for Android also supports plugins and currently offers FTP, Windows networking and WebDav plugins.

via Android Police

Brad Linder

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