Tweetcaster already offers one of the most popular Twitter apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. Now the developers have introduced a new version of the app which plays well with the iPad as well.

The iPad user interface was designed to utilize the iPad’s 10″ screen, meaning you’ll find Trends, Nearby, Who to Follow and Search boxes all in the real estate of a single screen. The phone-sized app requires you to switch between views one at a time.

TweetCaster also developed a unique feature called Smart Filters, which filters your timeline in a single tap to show only tweets with photos or tweets with links.

Besides a clean, visually-impressive interface, you’ll find support for multiple accounts, Facebook integration, ‘advanced’ profile editing, and all of Twitter’s standard features (such as URL shortening and multimedia uploading.) Other features include custom color coding (for specific Twitter users, including yourself), multiple themes and font sizes, and Instapaper support for offline reading.

You can download TweetCaster for iOS from the App Store for free if you don’t mind seeing advertisements in the app. If you want to go ad-free, you can pick up the TweetCaster Pro for $4.99.


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