There’s a new version of the official Twitter app available from the Android Market and it has a few major improvements. The first one is a big one: support for multiple Twitter accounts. Up until now you had to use a third party Twitter app such as TweetDeck (which was recently purchased by Twitter) if you wanted to use more than one Twitter account with a single app.

When Twitter initially launched, I doubt the company really expected people to use multiple accounts. But as a web publisher, I have three accounts, one for myself and one for each of my web sites. It allows me to keep my communications with each group on target. When using the Twitter web site, I have to logout of one account and into another to use multiple accounts. Now I can do the same thing with the mobile Android app just by tapping a few buttons to flip between accounts.

There’s also a new home screen widget which lets you choose which Twitter account you want to display.

Twitter 2.1 for Android also offers push notifications. This lets you receive notifications automatically for direct messages, @mentions, or all tweets from any screen on your device automatically.

You can download the latest Twitter app for Android from the Android Market.

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    1. There are a few options.

      1. Open Twitter, hit the menu button, go to settings, select the account you want to remove, tap the “remove account” option.

      2. Go to your phone’s home screen, tap the menu button, choose “manage apps,” find Twitter, use the “Clear data” option to remove all of your accounts in one fell swoop.

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