UberMusic is a new music player for Google Android with one key strength: It’s prettier than Google’s default player. It’s also more customizable, because UberMusic can wear skins — including a Metro Skin that mimics the look and feel of Microsoft’s Zune Media Player from Windows Phone 7.

You can find skins for the music player by searching the Android Market for “UberMusic Skin.”

The app was developed by the maker of the popular LauncherPro home screen replacement for Android. It’s been in beta for the past few months, but now the full version of UberMusic is available for purchase from the Android Market for $3.49. If you’ve been testing the beta version you may need to uninstall it before using the new version.

While support for skins is one of the player’s key features, it also automatically downloads artist pictures from the internet, offers 6 different home screen widgets sizes, and support for Last.fm scrobbling.

Unfortunately the app can’t yet stream music from Google’s recently launched cloud music service, so if you’ve uploaded your MP3 collection to Google Music, UberMusic may not be a good replacement for the default Android app, no matter how pretty it is. But until Google releases an API that lets developers work with the online music service, that will be true of all third party music apps for Android.

Brad Linder

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