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Voicemail and answering machines changed the way we use voice communications by allowing people to leave spoken messages in non-real time. But who has the time to listen to all those messages your friends, family, and colleagues leave on your phone? Visual voicemail changed all that by providing text transcripts of spoken messages allowing you to read your voicemail at a glance.

Google Voice brings free visual voicemail features to many Android smartphones. Transcripts aren’t always very good, but they often give you the gist of a message. Third-party services such as YouMail offer a similar feature for iOS, Android, or BlackBerry.

Now it looks like Microsoft may be bringing visual voicemail to the next version of Windows Phone 7. Developers have begun working with beta versions of Windows Phone 7 Mango, and some users have noticed a new option for visual voicemail built into the OS.

The option shows up in the dialer settings on some handsets. It looks like the feature needs to be enabled by wireless carriers. Some users report that it works with T-Mobile in the US, but not with phones on AT&T’s network.

via WM Power User

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