Group text messaging is one of the 500 some-odd updates coming to Windows Phone 7 Mango. It’ll arrive inside the updated messaging hub and will even be smart enough to route messages to your contacts via IM when they’re online. But Mango isn’t due for a few months yet, and maybe you want to group message right now.

Those who want a heard start can now download the GroupMe app for WP7. Its arrival on Windows Phone 7 rounds out support for the four major mobile platforms, with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry users already invited along for the ride.

Two of the features your iPhone or Android toting buddies can enjoy are also available in the WP7 app — messaging and conference calls. If a Wi-Fi connection is available, GroupMe will use it to send your messages. If not, SMS will suffice. Location mapping and photo sharing are in the works, but weren’t ready to go at launch time.

Head over to the Marketplace on your phone and search GroupMe to install, or launch the Tag app and scan below!

via WP Central


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