There’s good news for those of you who are waiting for the Windows Phone 7 Mango update to arrive on your smartphones: Mango has been released to manufacturers and is being sent to cellular carriers for certification.

That should mean things are right schedule for the previously-announced September launch, though we could see Mango roll out even sooner. Fujitsu’s IS12T is set to hit retail shelves in Japan in August, and it’s expected to ship with Mango. There is, of course, that small hurdle of carrier certification to clear, and we’ve already seen just how long that can take. Some Windows Phone 7 owners are still waiting for their last pre-Mango updates to arrive.

While Windows Phone 7 devices haven’t exactly been flying off the shelves, customer satisfaction rates have been high and the platform has seen the arrival of a number of top-tier mobile apps (including Evernote and IM+) recently. Mango’s 500+ new features will open up scores of new possibilities for developers, which should help boost retail sales once the Mango-friendly apps start rolling in to the Zune Marketplace.

Mango’s other big improvements — like turn-by-turn directions, speech-to-text, group messaging, built in support for Live Messenger and Facebook chat, and a greatly improved email app — should help Microsoft win some new fans, too.

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  1. wp7 is awesome the best looking phone out there, everone thinks the iphone is great but they have never tried wp7 is much more sexier, modern and intuitive.

  2. I have been using android and iPhone for a while and just bought a windows phone 7 and love it.  I will keep my iPhone 4 and Samsung Focus as my two babies

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