The Windows Phone 7 Mango update is coming soon(ish), and Microsoft is taking to the streets (or at least the web) to tout some of the upcoming operating system’s new features.

Curiously, Microsoft chose to title its blog post “navigational improvements,” which probably got a lot of curious readers thinking they’d see Mango’s turn-by-turn directions feature shown off in greater detail. Unfortunately, they were talking about navigating the screens on your phone, specifically the Apps list.

Now that the Marketplace is starting to fill with apps you actually want to install, your list could be getting quite lengthy. To make locating specific apps easier, Mango will add a search feature and quick jump list like the one currently available in your People Hub. Type in a few letters of the app you’re after and suggestions appear instantly below — just tap to launch. To keep clutter to a minimum as is the Metro M.O., the search box only appears when users have more than 45 apps installed.

And since finding and launching apps is so much easier in Mango, you’ll need a way to seamlessly switch among them, too. That’s where Mango’s webOS-inspired card switching comes in, finally bringing multitasking to WP7 phones.

Hit up the official blog post for full details, and then return to twiddling your thumbs while you wait patiently for Mango to RTM and be approved for deployment by carriers.


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One reply on “Windows Phone 7 Mango usability improvements shown off by Microsoft”

  1. I was with Windows Mobile for 5 years. After awhile I decided that it just couldn’t keep up with some of the other smart phones on the market. I decided I didn’t want an I Phone because it seemed to be to limited despite the amount of apps it has available.  I knew that the best choice for me was Android. I love Samsung’s S amoled screens so I was to get a Galaxy S device. Soon after I heard that MS was to come out with a successor to Win Mo 6.5, which was just to outdated for me, called Windows Phone 7. I was skeptical of windows Phone 7 because of the lack of support MS had displayed with Win Mo 6.x. As time went on, while I waited for my upgrade, I read more and more about this new and upcoming OS from MS and I began to really get exited about it. It finally came out and the reviews were very positive. This was my chance to be outside of the box of not only IOS but also the growing Android trend. I wanted to be cutting edge so I set my mind on WP7. I finally upgraded and chose the Samsung Focus, which is kin to the Samsung Galaxy S line. I have to say that it is one of the best decisions I have made. This OS is the most fluent and responsive I have tried out so far. It has the most modern look and feel of any user interface you can get. Thousands of apps are available, although not as many as IOS or Android yet, but you won’t be missing any of the ones that you really need and want. These aren’t just apps they are some of the best quality apps that have been custom made for this beautiful new interface. Once you see a WP7 app, let’s say E bay for example, you will wish your phone had WP7’s version of it because it utilizes the metro look and feel of WP7. The applications, this fall, will be able to “connect” data to each other, another Windows Phone 7 first of many innovations.

    Some other must have features included in every Windows Phone 7 device are live tiles that update themselves automatically, a Xbox fully installed on each device, MS office, including word, power point, excel and share point, a Zune player fully installed on each device, full Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn integration on each device etc. Notice I said “each device” because Microsoft wants everyone to experience the best of WP7.

    Times change and nothing good last forever. If you are to devoted to your current OS and aren’t even interested in seeing what Windows Phone 7 is about you could get stuck in the past with a 5 year old UI format. WP7 is the future of smartphones! If you don’t believe me pick a functioning device up and give it a whirl. I bet your first reaction will be that your device seems to have a more outdated look and feel to it and your second reaction will be how easy and fluid Windows Phone 7 really is in comparison.

    Good job team Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft for going the extra mile with these phones. I am so proud to be a part of the newest revolution in mobility.

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