Apple released a security update for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad models yesterday. It was designed to close a security hole that allowed some corrupted PDF files to inject code onto your device. That would be pretty scary stuff — except it also happens to be the same security hole hackers had used to jailbreak the iPad 2 and other devices.

If you’ve jailbroken your iOS device, the best thing to do at this point is probably to avoid updating to iOS 4.3.4 (or iOS 4.2.9 for Verizon iPhone users). You can still patch that security hole by installing an app from Cydia called PDF Patcher 2.

But if you did update to iOS 4.3.4, all is not lost. The folks at Redmond Pie have posted step-by-step instructions for jailbreaking an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad using the latest operating system. There are three catches though:

  1. This doesn’t work on the iPad 2.
  2. The current method requires a Mac. It won’t work on Windows.
  3. It’s a tethered jailbreak, which means you’ll need to connect your device to a computer and run the software anytime you reboot.

Basically what you’ll need to do is grab the latest version of PwnageTool (download link), modify it to work with iOS 4.3.4, build custom firmware for your device, install it on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and then use iTunes to restore your apps, media, and settings.

If you saved your SHS blobs before updating though, Redmond Pie also has a tutorial for downgrading to an earlier version of iOS.

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3 replies on “You can already jailbreak iOS 4.3.4 on most devices (tethered)”

  1. man i really wanted to jailbreak my ipad 2, well atleast kittyra1n has a jailbreak out for 4.3.4 but its also tethered, here in case anyone needs them

    Heres the iphone 4 guide​reak-iphone-4-4.3.4.html

    for verizon iphone​ailbreak-verizon-iphone-4-​4.3.4.html

    for ipod touch 3G and 4G​ailbreak-ipod-touch-3g-4.3​.4.html​ailbreak-ipod-touch-4g-4.3​.4.html

    and for the iPad, Tweet and repost this out people so everyone knowz​ailbreak-ipad-4.3.4.html

  2. i really dislike apple for trying to stop jailbreaking android has more freedom anyways apple is just crippling their system more than it already is im on the android team apple thats a fail for you.

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