Agile Lock

HTC uses a new lock screen on the HTC Flyer Tablet and HTC Sensation 4G smartphone. There’s a ring at the bottom for the screen that you can pull to unlock your device — but there are also four icons for apps that you can launch by dragging them into that same ring. This lets you launch some apps without first unlocking your device and then finding them on your home screen or app drawer.

Now an independent developer has cloned the new HTC lock screen and brought it to the Android Market as a free app called Agile lock. If you don’t like the ads in the settings menu you can also purchase a paid version for about a buck and a half.

The full version also lets you adjust the font size, style and color and other settings and add widgets to the home screen. But you can use the free or paid versions of Agile lock to choose which icons display on your home screen, set your default music player, or adjust some other settings.

I get the feeling that Agile lock may not be available in the Android Market forever — at least not in its current form. Last year a developer released an app called Fancy Widget that copied the HTC Sense weather and time widget, and he was asked by HTC to remove the app and make some rather dramatic changes to the graphics.

via Android Community

Brad Linder

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