Amazon has released a new mobile app for iOS aimed at students. You can use Amazon Student to buy items from your phone or scan barcodes to check prices so that you can decide whether to buy that textbook or video game in the store or if it would be cheaper to order it from Amazon. But the company’s existing Amazon app for iOS does those things too.

What’s new in the Amazon Student app is a “sell your stuff” option that lets you scan the barcodes on your books, DVDs, games, or other items and find out how much Amazon will offer you in trade-in value. You can then ship your items to Amazon for free and Amazon will give you a gift card for that value.

Don’t expect to strike it rich using this app. I dug up an old college textbook which is still selling for $32 on Amazon, and the app told me I could get a whopping $3.26 if I traded it in. Amazon only offered 50 cents for a DVD I scanned.

But if you’re looking for a way to make your next textbook purchase a bit more affordable and you’re too lazy to go through the hassle of listing your old items on eBay, the Amazon Student app may come in handy. If you’re only dealing with used textbooks though, you can probably get a better bargain by selling them back to your school’s bookstore, assuming there’s a buy-back program in place.

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  1. might want to check out even cheaper and you dont have to wait around for shipping. 

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