Google Android has a few different volume controls, but you have to dig all over the place to find them. You can adjust the media volume, voice call volume, ring volume, notification volume, alarm volume, or system volume — but not from one central location.

Or you can install a third party app called Audroid that does let you control them all from one place. That’s pretty much all the free version of the app does, but if you pony up $1.42 for the Pro version you can also create profiles to quickly adjust all of your volume settings. For instance, you can create a profile for meetings, one for home, and another for work.

Audroid Pro also lets you create homescreen shortcuts for the profiles you create so you can load them without first firing up the app. The developer plans to add geolocation features eventually so that you can automatically switch profiles as you move from home to your school, office, or other environment.




Brad Linder

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