BlackBerry app developer Bellshare is working on its first Android app. It’s called BeWeather and it’s an attractive, customizable weather application.

BeWeather offers a series of home screen widgets that you can use to see the current temperature at a glance or get a full 5-day forecast. Widgets are available in sizes ranging from 1×1 to 4×3.

When you fire up the full app, the background is filled with attractive animations that change depending on current conditions, while the app shows the time, current temperature, and other information including humidity, wind speed, and what temperature it “feels like” when you take wind chill, heat index, or other factors into account.

The app offers a 7 day forecast or you can switch to an hourly view to see conditions for the next 24 hours. Users in the US can also see animated radar and satellite weather maps and receive weather advisory notifications.

You can download the latest beta version of BeWeather for free from the Bellshare forum, but each new beta expires after about three days. Eventually the company will offer the full version of the app for sale.

via xda-developers

Brad Linder

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