Bitdefender has updated its mobile security app for Android with the ability to scan SD cards on-demand or when they’re mounted. The latst version also adds anti-theft features allowing you to remotely locate or wipe your phone by logging into the Bitdefender website.

The security app is available for free while in beta. It can can your Android phone for malware every time you install an app. Or you can run a manual scan at any time. There’s also a web security feature that kicks in when you’re using a web browser.

Bitdefender Mobile Security also has a feature called Security Audit that shows the different Android permissions used by the apps on your device.

I suspect Bitdefender will either charge a fee for its app or roll out a subscription-based premium service once the app exits beta. But it’s free to use for now. The company also offers security software for desktop computers.



Brad Linder

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