for Android tablets

Online storage service already offers mobile apps for iOS and Android phones and the iPad. Today the company rolled out new apps for Android tablets and the BlackBerry PlayBook which let users upload documents from a tablet or view items stored on on the go.

The Android app has been designed for tablets running Honeycomb, with a two-panel view and pop-up menus. You can also use for Android tablets to locate documents and then use other Android apps to open them.

The BlackBerry PlayBook app also has a two-panel view and supports swipe gestures.

The company has also rolled out a new mobile website built with HTML5, CSS3 and JqueryMobile, allowing you to access many features without installing a native app at all.

Using the web app you can now conduct full-text searches, view comments and leave a response, and manage files and folders. The page also loads more quickly and automatically refreshes as you scroll. offers users 5GB of online storage for free. If you need additional space subscription pans start at $9.99 per month.

Brad Linder

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