Sony Xperia Play

The XPeria Play smartphone is the first Android phone from Sony to include a built-in Playstation emulator that allows you to play classic PSOne games purchased from Sony. But developer yifanlu has spent the last week or so working on a way to get the phone to run games that aren’t officially available for the phone.

People have been taking classic Playstation game discs and converting them to ISO files for use on emulators for ages. There are a handful of unofficial Playstation emulators available for Android that can already handle these files. What’s new here is that yifanlu’s tool will make it possible to run those games using Sony’s official emulator and Sony’s first so-called Playstation phone with a built-in gamepad. The combo could offer the best classic gaming experience available on an Android device.

Yifanlu plans to release his tool to the public in the next few days. For now you can follow the project’s progress at the xda-developers forum and at the developer’s website. You can also check out the video below which shows Crash Bandicoot 3 running on the Xperia Play.

While there are a number of ways to download Playstation ISOs from the internet, the closest thing to a legal way to obtain disc images is to use a computer to convert an original Playstation game disc into a digital file that you can use with an emulator or burn to another disc. Odds are you won’t get sued (or discovered) by Sony for doing that. Whether the developer behind the tools that help you run old Playstation games on your phone will get sued is another story.

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