ComiXology has released Comics 3.0. It’s a major update for the company’s comic book app for iOS that includes an overhauled interface, improved load times, and a host of new features. The app lets user purchase, download, and read digital comic books on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Besides the performance boost that comes with faster load times, which I noticed immediately in my testing, you can pause and restart downloads to “prioritize downloading,” as ComiXology puts it. Comics also download in the background for multitasking purposes.

The new interface is really slick, fast and appealing between the new ‘Knockout’ font and well-organized assortment of tabs. Upon launching, it will immediately take you into the comics store, and the ‘My Comics’ section is a tap away in the top left corner. There is also a separate “Purchases” area that displays all owned comics, which is meant to help avoid cluttering the My Comics menu.

Other features include an improved ‘Instant Search’, which is basically Comics’ universal search function, as well as the ability to buy or continue reading the next issue at the end of a comic.

You can download Comics 3.0 from the App Store for free on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, while most comics will cost about $1.99.


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