DarkForcesTeam RSPL/HSPL for HTC WP7

Microsoft will soon begin pushing out Windows Phone 7 Mango as an over-the-air software update for devices currently running Windows Phone 7. But if you’ve got an HTC phone and you’re willing to do a little hacking (and warranty voiding) you don’t have to wait. DarkForcesTeam has put together a custom ROM for most HTC Windows Phone 7 devices.

The DFT Freedom ROM is based on Mango, which means that you get all the new features including support for multitasking and improved Windows Live Skydrive integration and an improved media player.

It’s also pre-jailbroken, which means you should be able to install apps that aren’t available from the Windows Phone Marketplace. The developer shave removed the apps that are typically preloaded by carriers such as T-Mobile or AT&T, but left the HTC apps intact.

The custom ROM should work with the HTC Pro 7, HD3, Surround, Trophy, and HD7 and it’s available in 22 different languages.

You can find more details at the xda-developers forum, where you’ll also find links to the download files and information on installing the custom firmware. The instructions aren’t really written for beginners, so either make sure you know what you’re doing… or you’re willing to risk breaking your device before proceeding.

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