Popular online note-taking service Evernote has acquired popular Mac-based image editing and sharing service Skitch. Eventually Evernote plans to offer Skitch to users for free across a variety of platforms. The company is starting with Android.

A new Skitch app showed up in the Andorid Market today, allowing you to snap a photo or grab one from your phone and make some quick edits before sharing with a friend. You can use a pencil tool to write or draw on the screen, or a highlight tool to draw attention to a part of the photo. There’s an arrow which you can use to draw attention to a specific elements, and a few other very basic editing tools include a typing box for adding text.

You can adjust the color of your text, lines, and other drawings, undo actions, and even select annotations that you’ve added to your photo and move them individually.

When you’re done you can share your picture with your contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or any other app you have on your phone. If you have Evernote installed on your device a Send to Evernote button will also show up on the image editing window — but you don’t need to be an Evernote user to use the free Skitch app for Android.

Skitch for Android is the first mobile version of Skitch, but the company is working on apps for iOS and other platforms.

Brad Linder

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