Evernote checkboxes

Evernote has launched an update to its Windows Phone 7 app which adds support for rich text editing, sharing URLs for notes, and more.

What makes Evernote special is the fact that it combines native note-taking apps for mobile devices such as an iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone device and a web-based service so that all of your notes are backed up online. So that new URL sharing feature allows you to create a note on your phone and then share it via email, IM, Twitter, or another service. Then the recipient can click the URL to view your note on the web.

The new rich text editor may not be exactly what you think. Typically when people talk about rich text editing, they’re talking about the ability to add bold, italic, or underlined text or make other changes to the text formatting. But what Evernote is letting you do is make edits to documents such as web clips that already have rich text formatting including images. Previously there was no way to change the text or pictures in this sort of note.

Evernote 1.2 also adds support for checkboxes so you can access any notes you already have with checklists  — although you cannot create them on your Windows Phone 7 device yet. Users can also now rotate and save images inside of web clips or decrypt notes that were encoded using Evernote’s desktop service.

You can download Evernote 1.2 for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Brad Linder

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