Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a new mobile communications app for Android and iOS. Facebook launched the app this week as to complement the company’s full-featured social networking apps, offering the ability to send messages to your Facebook friends or SMS messages to anyone in your phone’s contact list.

There are a few Facebook Messenger features that you won’t find in the official Facebook apps for iOS and Android, such as the ability to upload photos. But it looks like that might just be the tip of the iceberg. There’s evidence that a future update will add support for video calling.

Facebook partnered with Skype recently to allow users to make video calls from the Facebook website when using a desktop computer. While that feature isn’t yet available in the company’s mobile apps, the folks at 9to5mac spotted a few video icons in the Facebook Messenger app for iOS. How To Arena went looking for the same icons in the Android app and found them.

It’s not uncommon to find little bits of code or graphics packed into an app for features that aren’t yet available. I suppose it’s also possible that some developer just threw these in to bring out the conspiracy theorists, but I’d be surprised if Facebook wasn’t working on a mobile video chat app.

Brad Linder

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