HTC Sense 3.5

HTC Sense is a custom user interface and suite of applications designed to run on top of Android on HTC’s phones and tablets. The company recently rolled out version 3.0 with new high resolution home screen widgets and an unusual lock screen that lets you unlock the device or launch certain apps without first unlocking.

Now a Chinese forum user has posted a video of a new version of Sense which is likely HTC Sense 3.5. It includes new lock screen widgets and other improvements, fancy new animated effects, and support for gestures on the home screen to view alternate screens. You can also add or remove home screens.

The biggest change is that the curved panel at the bottom of previous HTC Sense versions has been replaced with a simpler user interface showing just two buttons: one for launching the phone and one for opening the app drawer.

You an check out the video after the break.

via Droid Life

Brad Linder

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