Google Plus for iOS

Google has rolled out an updated version of its Google+ social networking app for iOS which adds support for iPod touch and iPad models. Up until now you could only use the app on an iPhone, although the mobile web app for Google+ works pretty well.

But the company’s native apps for iOS and Android offer a few features that you can’t get from the web app, including support for setting up and participating in Huddles (which are basically group instant messaging sessions), and better support for photos. The mobile apps also offer faster, smoother performance than the web app.

The latest version of the Google+ app for iOS also offers a few performance and stability improvements and a new Huddle setting that let you decide who can send you messages. The app will also send you fewer notifications since you no longer get an update every single time someone adds you to a circle.

Google+ for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store.

While the new app works on the iPad, it hasn’t been optimized for the larger display. Instead you can either run it in a tiny window or zoom to view the iPhone/iPod touch app in full screen mode. This isn’t a huge surprise, since Google+ also looks exactly the same on Android tablets as it does on Android smartphones.

Brad Linder

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