Google’s photo sharing app, Photovine, has left the private beta stage after 2 weeks and officially hit the App Store last night.

Photovine is pretty unique when compared to much of its photography/social-networking competition. The app centers around a social game (Vines) in which you submit a picture with a caption, and your friends submit photos of their own to fall below your caption. As Techland points out, it’s kind of like playing “telephone,” but using photos. It also differentiates itself from the hundreds of other social photography apps by focusing almost entirely on networking (rather than photo storage and other things.)

You can also ‘tag’ a theme or topic to your photos for categorizing streams, and view the latest and most popular Vines in the app’s interface. Other features include the ability to privately message other users, share photos to Facebook and Twitter, and (thankfully) import friends from other social networks.

Photovine is compatible with all iOS devices and is available for free in the App Store.

via Gizmodo


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