So you’re Android phone’s built-in speaker to listen to music while you eat your breakfast, and as you head out the door you pop in some headphones so you can keep the music going during your commute to work. There’s just one problem: You forgot that the volume was cranked all the way up while you were using the speaker, and now that you’re using your headphones, your ears are bleeding.

OK, maybe not bleeding, but it turns out there’s an easy way to avoid this situation — without remembering to turn down the volume manually. Hearing Saver is a free (and open source) app which will automatically adjust your volume when you plug in headphones or when you take them out.

The app is pretty simple. When you run it, you just set the appropriate volumes for when the headphones are plugged in or unplugged, and choose whether you want to mute the ringer and notifications. That’s it.

The developer says he’s also considering another version that would work when you pair your phone or tablet with a Bluetooth headset or speakers.


Brad Linder

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