OpenSense SDK

As promised, HTC has opened a developer portal that will allow third party developers to access a range of tools to write apps for HTC’s Android smartphones and tablets. The OpenSense platform includes support for digital pen input for devices such as the HTC Flyer or stereoscopic 3D for the HTC Evo 3D and other 3D devices.

The plan is to allow developers to create apps that integrated with the HTC Sense software that runs on top of Android. So in addition to support for HTC-specific hardware, the OpenSense SDK includes user interface widgets and components that allow developers to make their apps look like other HTC Sense widgets and apps.

Developers can also find kernel source code for most HTC devices at the HTCDev web site.

It looks like the developer portal is also where you’ll go to unlock the bootloader on your HTC phone or tablet once the company rolls out the web-based unlocking tool. There’s currently a “coming soon” placeholder page for bootloader unlocking.

Brad Linder

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