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Swedish superstore Ikea has released a digital version of its popular catalog for Android devices. That’s the good news. I know people who treat the catalog like a magazine and flip through it for fun even when they’re not shopping.

The bad news is that the app can’t be installed to an SD card, so if you try to install it on an Android smartphone it will download 50MB of images, text, and other data and leave little room on your phone for other apps.

The catalog features about 4,000 pictures and about 2,000 products. You can flip through pages, jump to a page by number, visit first last, previous or next, or zoom in for a better view. There’s also a tablet of contents, bookmarking feature, and you can search the catalog’s text. When you tap on the plus sign next to any product you can view a detail page with a picture, price, and other information.

Ikea is rolling out the catalog app in phases around the globe. The US version went live earlier this month. It will hit Spain, China, and other locations soon… including Sweden, where it will be available Thursday.

Ikea’s app is basically just a portable catalog — but if you’re looking for an app to use in-stores, you might want to check out free (and unofficial) Ikea Picking List which helps you keep track of the items you want to pick up at the store’s self service section as you stroll through the aisles.

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