iOS 5 beta 7

Apple has pushed out a new beta version of iOS 5. Developers can either download it from or if you’re already running a recent build of iOS 5 beta you can download the update over the air by using the Software Updates feature in your device’s Settings app.

The new software is available for recent iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models as well as the Apple TV 2, and as usual there’s a non-disclosure agreement in effect — but that hasn’t stopped several websites from publishing the complete release notes.

It looks like the update changes some iCloud features for app developers, fixes some bugs, and introduces a few new ones. If you’re trying to install the updates on an iPhone 3GS or iPod touch 3rd generation you should also read the release notes carefully as they tell you how to enter DFU mode which y0u’ll need to do to successfully move from iOS 5 beta 6 to ios 5 beta 7.

Brad Linder

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