Comex is the developer behind a series of popular utilities for jailbreaking iOS devices. The JailbreakMe tool is one of the easiest to use to jailbreak  device and allow it to run apps that aren’t available in the Apple Store, because all you have to do is visit a website and click a few buttons.

If your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad is up to date JailbreakMe won’t work, because Apple has patched the vulnerability that Comex found, but apparently Apple doesn’t hold it against Comex — because the company just hired him for an internship.

The good news is that this means Apple is recognizing talented individuals and hiring them to work on its products… even if only for an internship. The bad news is that it seems unlikely that Comex would continue to work with the jailbreak community while working for Apple — and he could even work against it, by continuing his work to identify security holes, only this time it would be to close them rather than to exploit them.

via iDownloadBlog

Brad Linder

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