MTV has launched a new concert-finding app called Live & Local on iOS and Android this week. The app was released in cooperation with SuperGlued, a social networking site for concert-goers and musicians.

Live & Local is designed to make finding local music and organizing your concert schedule a bit easier. Via the search bar at the top of the screen, you can search for local shows, tour dates and bios of specific artists. You can view local shows on a daily calendar, and also create a unique schedule of the events you plan to attend. Unfortunately, there’s no way to sync your in-app schedule with your iPhone’s native calendar or other calendar services.

The app is heavily integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and SuperGlued. You can sign in to an in-app profile with any of these services, and also choose to receive alerts when a concert is arriving. You can also ‘recommend’ shows, and view your friends who are attending different concerts through a live feed.

Other features included access to maps for directions, and the ability to purchase tickets through several different ticket agencies.

One thing I quickly discovered was Live & Local’s broad definition of ‘local.’ For example, searching for a certain band’s local shows will display their tour or list of concerts without regard for your location. The search results can often be shows playing on a different coast.

Also, the calendar of ‘local’ shows isn’t particularly limited to concerts that are close to your location, but rather confined to a statewide radius which may or may not be close.  In other music discovery apps, such as Local Concerts, the definition is more confined within a smaller radius of your location.

However, having this app will guarantee you a vast database of concert schedules and other conveniences, and for the low price of free, avid concert-goers may want to pick this one up.


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