Google released a Google Docs app for Android a few months ago letting you view, create, and edit documents in your Docs account from an Android phone or tablet. But it only works when you have an internet connection, since the mobile app is pretty much just the mobile Google Docs website in app form.

But if you’re looking for a mobile app that lets you create notes while you’re offline and then synchronize them with your Google Docs account when you’re back online, NoteSync might fit the bill.

This 99 cent app lets you jot notes on your phone and sync them with Google Docs — or view your Google Docs files on your phone. All you have to do is add the NoteSync label to any documents you want to view on your phone or tablet.

Unfortunately NoteSync is really meant for quick notes only. It doesn’t support spreadsheets or presentations, and won’t preserve rich text formatting in documents imported from your Google account. There’s also no way to italicize, bold, or underline text, use bullet points, or compose notes with any other rich text formatting tools.

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