A new photography app for iOS called Photo Stats brings statistics to your photo collection by creating detailed infographics on your device.

Photo Stats designs infographics that visualize your photography habits. For example, infographics can be generated based on the specific time of day that photos were taken, your most productive photo-taking days and months, and location-based information on where you took your pictures. The app is quite innovative in that it has a knack for detecting photo properties such as photo sizes, exposition, ISO (light sensitivity), and the photo application used on your photos, and Photo Stats uses that information to create the colorful charts.

The app includes social networking support, meaning you can share your infographics via Facebook, Twitter and email. Of course, you can save them to the device itself. You can also combine all of the resulting information to piece together a full-size infographic that are typically found on websites.

Photo Stats is available from the App Store for $0.99, and the developer has noted that the app currently works best with the iPhone 3GS+ and the 4th gen iPod Touch, although it can be purchased for the iPad 2.

via IntoMobile


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