Rage is one of the best looking video games available for iOS. The first person shooter launched last year for $1.99, but this week you can pick it up from the App Store for free.

The developers at id Software are celebrating the fact that they now have over 100,000 fans for the Rage fan page on Facebook.

The game isn’t for everyone. It’s kind of gory and requires that you can point a virtual gun and shoot it at grotesque mutants. I’m not particularly good at first person shooters and I wound up getting killed pretty frequently as I tried to fight my way through the first level. But the introductory movie looked absolutely stunning on my iPod touch’s retina display, and the graphics during actual gameplay were nearly as impressive.

There are two versions of the game in the App Store: Rage, and Rage HD. Both are free this week, but Rage takes up 540MB of disk space and normally sells for 99 cents, while Rage HD has higher quality graphics for retina displays and the Apple iPad, takes up 747MB of disk space, and normally runs $1.99.

Brad Linder

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