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Steve Kondik goes by the name of Cyanogen online, and the CyanogenMod software he helps develop is one of the most popular versions of Google Android for people that want to hack their phones and make them a little more powerful.

CyanogenMod usually offers the latest versions of Android, root access, and a number of additional tweaks and features that give users more control over their phones than they would have if they stuck with the software developed by Google, HTC, Samsung, or other device makers.

Now it turns out that the driving force behind CyanogenMod is also going to be one of the people working on software for Samsung — one of the biggest Android phone makers. Kondik recently took a job as a software engineer at Samsung.

Kondik says he’ll continue to stay involved in the CyanogenMod project, and the news doesn’t mean that Samsung will be releasing a phone with CM7 anytime soon. But if Kondik and his independent developer colleagues have been able to make as much progress as they have while working on their own, just imagine what he can do while working at a major handset manufacturer.

Brad Linder

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