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There are some pretty awesome games available for Google Android phones and tablets. Unfortunately while some are optimized for touch controls, others make you mash your fingers all over the screen which obstructs your view. This is especially a problem when you’re using an emulator to play Nintendo, GameBoy, or even Playstation games.

Enter Sixaxis Controller. It’s an app that lets you pair a Playsation 3 DualShock controller with your Android phone or tablet over Bluetooth and use it to play games on your mobile device — although you’ll need to use a mini-USB cable the first time you want to pair your controller.

The app only works on phones or tablets with root access, and not all Android devices are supported. In fact, most HTC devices and some Samsung devices are known not to work with Sixaxis Controller.

The developer offers a free compatibility checker which you can use to figure out whether the controller will work on your device. Sixaxis Controller is available from the Android Market for $1.67.

via Android Police

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  1. seems like you still need to get the lib file sfor the usb version… FAIL!

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