Perhaps the most disenfranchised Sonic the Hedgehog game, Sonic CD, will be the first to hit the Android and Windows Phone operating systems.

Sonic CD, the ‘CD’ standing for the add-on device (Mega-CD) of the Mega Drive console that originally hosted the game, is a curious first choice from Sega. It was considered one of the best Sonic games ever made by critics at the time (1991), but it’s not the most well-known. The traditional storyline in which Sonic saves his love interest, Amy Rose, from the evil Dr. Eggman is present, so all the Sonic action you’re familiar with will be in this game.

Now that it’s going mobile and will reach Android, Windows Phone and iOS (which already has several Sonic titles), platform-specific features will be included. This means special iOS features, Xbox Live Achievements, and more will be integrated into Sonic CD.

The game is also expected to drop on the PlayStation Network, Xbox 360, and Windows PC. It’s expected to launch soon, but an exact date hasn’t been released.

via Slashgear


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