Online travel service Travelocity recently launched a mobile app for Android which lets you book flights and hotels, view flight information, or access your saved itineraries from a phone or tablet.

The app has an attractive and relatively easy to use interface, but it’s a bit quirky in places. For instance, in the Book Flights section, the app shows a drop-down box with auto-complete suggestions as you type. But when searching the Flight Schedules section, there’s no auto-completion.

Travelocity for Android is also clearly designed for use on a smartphone. While you can install the app on a tablet running Android 3.1 Honeycomb, the app only runs in portrait mode, and all the icons are bunched together into a small space at the top of the screen.

That said, if you already use Travelocity to book your travel plans, the mobile app provides an easy way to access your trip information on the go. There are also options to view daily deals for hotels, find gas stations, or find things to do in the places you’re visiting, with city guides, event listings, and restaurant and nightlife listings.

Travelocity for Android is available as a free download from the Android Market.

Brad Linder

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