TiVo Commander

TiVo offers an iPhone and iPad app that let you control your TiVo set-top-box from a mobile device. You can schedule recordings, browse for program listings, or view show information using the app. There’s no official TiVo app for Android yet, but an independent developer has released an open source clone of the iOS apps called TiVo Commander. It’s available as a free download from the Android Market.

The Android app only works with a TiVo Premiere set top box. But if you happen to have that model, you can use the new app to record shows, browse recorded programs, view movie or TV show credits, see suggestions for similar titles, and search for actors, movies, or TV shows.

You can also use TiVo Commander as a remote control using on-screen buttons.

The unofficial Android app isn’t quite as pretty or polished as the official iOS apps. But it’s free and it’s available now.

Earlier this summer Virgin Media in the UK released an Android app that lets subscribers control their set-top boxes. That may provide an early look at an official TiVo app to come, but so far TiVo has yet to launch its own Android app.

via Dave Zatz and brennokbob

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