Browser plugins are little files that can extend the capabilities of a web browser by letting you do things such as download web videos or automatically fill out your username and password on various web sites. While browser plugins have been a staple of desktop web browsers for years, they’re still relatively new in the mobile web browser world, with Dolphin Browser HD and Firefox Mobile probably leading the pack.

If you’re looking for something a little simpler, there’s a new game in town called VBrowser. It’s a light weight web browser for Android that takes up just over 1MB of disk space. Out of the box, VBrowser doesn’t have a password manager or browser tabs. It does support pinch-to-zoom and Adobe Flash. But the key feature is support for plugins.

Right now there are only a few plugins available, including a video downloader and URL auto-complete utility. But there’s room for additional plugins to make the browser more useful.

Other built-in features include support for bookmarks, an integrated file manager, and a file downloaded with pause and resume capabilities.

One other thing that sets VBrowser apart from the competition is that it works in incognito mode — meaning it won’t save your browser history. While some browsers offer an incognito option, VBrowser only works this way. You can’t access your history even if you want to.

Brad Linder

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