Verizon has released a major update to its multimedia service, V Cast Video, and announced that it will now be rebranded under the title Verizon Video.

The new version offers higher-quality video content, although how much higher-quality isn’t specified. You’ll have unlimited access to more than 250 full-episodes of TV shows from most major networks. This includes the latest local and national news, as well as weather and a list of live sporting events each month.

Verizon Video costs $10/month or $3/day, while requiring that you have an adequate monthly data plan to cover the service’s streaming data.

That’s more expensive than monthly subscription packages from Hulu or Netflix, but neither of those services offers day rates or live sports. Verizon Video offers a selection of live sporting events including Sunday Night Football.

If you’re already a subscriber to V Cast, you’ll get a notification from Verizon detailing the update and its availability on your handset. Android users can also install the app from the Android Market.

via Phone Scoop, Verizon Wireless


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