Amazon Appstore

Update: It looks like Amazon has pulled the plug. International users are now reporting that they’re no longer able to download apps from the Appstore.

The Amazon Appstore offers thousands of free and paid apps for Android. It’s arguably better organized than the official Google Android Market, works on many devices that ship without access to Google’s Market, and promotes one featured paid app for free every day.

Unfortunately when Amazon launched the Appstore earlier this year, it was only available to users in the US. Now it looks like the company is starting to lift that restriction.

Android users in Australia, India, the UK, and elsewhere are now reporting that they’re able to install the Appstore on their mobile devices and login with their international Amazon accounts in order to user the service.

There still aren’t nearly as many apps available in the Amazon Appstore as there are in the Android Market, but if you have a device without Market access — or just want to be able to download the free app of the day, it looks like you may finally be able to do so outside of the US.

You can find instructions detailing how to get started with the Appstore at Amazon.

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