Amazon is running a special “Geek Week” promotion with discounts of 50 percent off or more on eight Android apps for power users. That includes some apps that only work on a rooted device such as SetCPU or Root Explorer, as well as remote desktop client, and a PDF viewer that support annotations.

Amazon Appstore Geek Week

In order to install these apps you’ll need to be running the Amazon Appstore on your mobile device — and you’ll need to keep the Appstore installed. If you remove it, the apps will stop working.

Since the Amazon Appstore launched earlier this year, Amazon has been offering one free app each day. But few of those apps have been aimed at power users. The Geek Week promotion reaches out to… well… the geekier set.

One nice thing about Amazon’s system is that you can also clearly see the regular price as well as the sale price, so you know exactly how much money you’re saving when an item is on sale.

via Android Police

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