BlackBerry App World 3.0

BlackBerry App World 3.0 is now available for download. It was expected to launch in August, but I suppose it’s better a little later than a lot late.

The new app store for BlackBerry applications supports BlackBerry OS 5.0 and up and offers a quick way to find, purchase, and install apps for BlackBerry phones and tablets.

The latest version brings a number of improvements, including

  • A redesigned home screen with banners that rotate to show more highlighted apps
  • New channels for apps, games, and themes
  • Social sharing, allowing you to share apps from the details screen with your contacts on BBM, Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS
  • Manage your BlackBerry ID and payment information on your device
  • Manage subscription content and receive notifications when a renewal payment is due

via @BlackBerry

Brad Linder

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