Dolphin Browser HD bookmark sync

One of the things that sets Dolphin HD apart from other browsers for Android devices is support for add-ons that enhance the functionality of the web browser. There are add-ons for password management, reading RSS feeds, or saving web pages as PDF files. This weekend the Dolphin team released a new add-on that could be one the most useful yet: a bookmark synchronization tool.

This allows you to sync your saved bookmarks between multiple devices running the Dolphin HD web browser. In other words, if you have a phone and tablet, they can both share bookmarks now.

Unfortunately Bookmark Sync doesn’t link your bookmarks with a desktop web browser, since Dolphin doesn’t offer a desktop web browser. But there’s sort of a way around that. You can install the Xmarks add-on for Dolphin to sync your mobile bookmarks with your Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari browser on your computer. Then you can use Dolphin’s BookMark Sync tool to keep your bookmarks synchronized across your devices.

Of course, you could also just use Xmarks on mulitple devices and ignore the Dolphin bookmark sync. You know what? Maybe this add-on isn’t that useful after all. I guess it’s cheaper than Xmarks. In order to use the mobile version of Xmarks you need an Xmarks Premium account which costs $12 per year.

The Bookmark Sync add-on requires Dolphin Browser HD 6.2.

Incidentally, Firefox Mobile for Android also has a synchronization feature which allows you to sync your data across multiple devices including Firefox for desktop computers. Opera Mobile also has an Opera Link feature for synchronizing bookmarks across multiple instances of that web browser.

Brad Linder

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