Despite many BlackBerry devices launching with RIM’s latest operating system, there are still a number of high profile apps that don’t support OS 7. Fortunately now you can cross Dropbox off that list. Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service that lets you store files online and access them from a computer or mobile device.

Now, courtesy of the Crackberry forums, a new build of the popular cloud service will function properly on your BlackBerry’s OS 7.

The Dropbox build also packs some added features, while resolving issues on the new Bold and Curve devices, as well as bugs on the thumbnails screen (where only a few thumbs previously loaded.) The new features include a security passcode, enhanced speed (performance), and various design tweaks.

You can also save email attachments to Dropbox in this build, which is especially convenient if you’re used to receiving files via email.

To download Dropbox for BlackBerry OS 7, hit this link to get a free compatibile version of the app.


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