Video discovery app Fanhattan for iPad has received a major update, bringing a host of new features and a social dimension. The central update in Fanhattan 1.1 is tight integration with social networks.

Signing into Facebook, for example, will bring recommendations of movies and TV shows ‘Liked’ by your friends in the form of a social graph. Whenever you ‘Like’ something in the app, Fanhattan logs the information with the purpose of building your own personalized recommendations system.

Integration with Twitter, though less advanced, allows users to follow conversations that others are having about particular episodes and movies. The commentary is supposed to serve as an enhancement of the multimedia experience. Fanhattan also added support for Vudu, which is a source for streaming content directly to the iPad’s Safari browser. Vudu is the latest member of Fanhattan’s partners, which include Netflix, Hulu Plus, ABC and iTunes.

Fanhattan’s wide acclaim is attributed to its innovative universal search capability for finding both film and TV content from various websites. The recent update is designed to make it even more easy to use, with the inclusion of a ‘back’ button, as well as the social integration and added content source.

You can download Fanhattan for iPad in the App Store for free.

via Gigaom


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