Firefox for Android tablets

The first version of Firefox for Android tablets is now available for download. The latest nightly builds of Mozilla’s web browser for Android include a new user interface designed for Android devices with large, high resolution displays.

Firefox for tablets offers the same basic features as the smartphone version of the web browser, including Mozilla’s rendering engine, Firefox Sync capabilities which let you keep your bookmarks and other data synchronized with the desktop version of the app, and support for add-ons.

The tablet version also has a minimalist theme that’s designed to play well with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, an awesomebar with tabs letting you flip between bookmarks, history, and pages from your desktop browser, and a new way to view browser tabs. In landscape mode, all your open windows hang out in a persistent area on the left side of the screen. When you flip to portrait orientation, there’s an icon at the top of the screen which you can tap to view a list of browser tabs.

I’m not sold on the persistent tabs in landscape mode — just because Android tablets have more screen real estate than smartphones doesn’t mean people want to constantly look at thumbnails for websites they’re not currently reading. But at least Mozilla is trying new things. Many Android web browsers look the same, so it’s good to see someone thinking a bit outside of the box.

You can download the latest nightly build of Firefox Mobile for Android from Mozilla.

via Android Guys


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