Google Music is now available on the iPhone, thanks to a web app. You could always use an iPhone web browser to access the full desktop version of Google’s music streaming service, but the new wep app is optimized for small, touchscreen devices.

The service allows users to store up to 20,000 songs in Google’s cloud database, as well as stream music to various devices. Google Music is free while in beta, although you’ll need to request an invitation to join the service.

The launch of a web app on iOS takes the service’s mobile exclusivity away from Android and makes it easy to quickly access your music in Safari. It supports swiping motions for easy maneuvering, background playback, as well as streaming the full content of your music (which includes album art, playlists, etc.) It also includes a universal search feature, which is extremely convenient for navigating your music library quickly.

via Pocketnow


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